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At Crank Cycling we believe in helping you get the most out of your potential. We believe every athlete is unique and we tailor your training to your goals and needs. We believe there’s more to coaching than emailing you a training plan. We believe that hard work leads to success. We believe in you and your goals and we believe we will get there.

Head coach Sean Burke is experienced and educated, with over 15 years of  coaching under his belt, as well as degrees in nutrition and exercise physiology.   We’re roadies, mountain bikers, track racers, 'crossers, sons, fathers, husbands, professionals, entrepreneurs, and coaches. We’ve logged thousands of hours in the saddle, clicked off thousands of laps at velodromes around the country, and raced thousands of miles in countries around the world. Our experiences on the bike and in life have shaped our coaching philosophy; we never stop growing and those experiences only make us better.  If you are looking for a  cycling coach in San Diego, or anywhere in the country for that matter.  You owe it to yourself to speak with us


Tell us and we’ll build a plan that fits into your schedules and helps you meet your goals. We understand there’s more to your life than training and our experience will provide balance to maximize your chances for success. We’ll give you a complete training plan that can address recovery, nutrition, strength training, bike fit and equipment choices, riding skills, race tactics, mental strength, and, of course, solid on the bike training. We’ll be there to help you overcome challenges as they arise and we’ll be there at the finish line to celebrate your victories. Whether it’s completing your first century,  going for a national championship, setting a PR in your favorite time trial, coming back from an injury,  or just getting back in shape so you can do the local group ride; we’ll be with you every step of the way.  At Crank Cycling, we coach riders right here in San Diego, as well as riders all over the country.  We experienced with face to face and distance coaching.  It only takes a minute to contact us and schedule a free consultation.  




Coach Burke is a USAC certified coach with 15 years of experience.  He has a BS in Nutrition, an MS in Exercise Physiology, and has taught college level exercise physiology...

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